Nicola Medley


My name is Nicola Medley a Certified Nurses Aide, that has been working in the health field for the past 12 years. In this field I am specialized as a Homecare provider in both private homes and nursing homes.


In my time as a health care provider, I have seen the need for compassionate care and when I say compassionate care, I mean picturing myself in the clients and families members position. I have seen the disappointment of clients and families members, when the proper care is not given. I have also seen the satisfaction and joy, when appropriate care was given.


I believe that it’s right to give the care that I would want to be given to me, if in the same position. So with this belief system in place, I made the decision to start, "A Peace Of Mind Homecare LLC."


I believe that quality home care for families and their love ones, can bring peace of mind and tranquility in their lives. 




Nicola Medley

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